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RSF OTOLAND : Landscape Ontology : Semantic, Semiotic, and Geographic Modelling
Porteur du programme : Aix-Marseille Université - CNRS ESPACE UMR 7300, North-Eastern Federal University, Russia

An identification of prospects and priority directions of development of further research in the Russian. Arctic is connected with the understanding of the historical processes associated with the study and development of the Arctic. Trends of socio-economic development of the territory cannot be understood without accounting and analysis of natural, historical and socio-cultural and economic processes. The study of spatial-temporal features of the settlement and economic development of Arctic regions of Russia is aimed at mapping the territory as an integral natural-historical-cultural space. Identifying the ontological characteristics of the landscape with the use of linguistic and mental representation and modern information technologies will allow to determine the integrity of the "painting" of the surrounding space, its conceptualisation and representation in the dynamics of its development and co-evolution of man-environment.

36 mois - début : septembre 2015

(24 000 000 roubles) Reference : 15-18-20047